About Us

Our Mission

Q’wemtsín Health Society advances holistic health by providing programs, services and education.

Our Vision

Healthy Secwepemc individuals, families, and communities.about_us_slice We are an assembly of health care professionals who believe in providing holistic health services to our Secwepemc communities who are the Skeetchestn, Tk’emlups te Secwepemc and Whispering Pines/Clinton bands. The Q’wemtsin Health Society provides services to these communities with programs such as home and community care, prenatal, addictions counseling and public health services. As well as children, adult and elder wellness prevention and education programs. The goals that have been adopted by the society are:

  1. Build Partnerships and Collaborate
  2. Deliver Programs and Services addressing community needs
  3. Provide a trusting, open professional environment
  4. Create opportunities for learning
  5. Evaluate effectiveness

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